Vowing Self-Care This Easter

Yesterday, Aaliyah and I were out on a shopping spree. It was followed by a lunch with special Easter menu; smashed buttermilk potato salad, tomato crostini with whipped feta, carrot chorizo blini and shortbread tiramisu at a new restaurant in the city. After ages we had been out on a proper date. As Aaliyah looked outside the glass wall, I noticed that she didn’t look her usual self. Lately Aaliyah has been complaining of chronic headache and discomfort. The chirpy photographer whom I had once met at a friend’s wedding looked morose and unwell.  She was probably being a prey to ‘self-neglect’ without realizing it. I could see that she was trying to look happy rather than being happy.   

After lunch, we headed to Byrant Park. This time the once sporty girl was not up for the juggling program rather preferred sitting. We sat and as she kept her head on my shoulder, I brought up the topic of her health. “Aaliyah you were supposed to visit the General Physician last week, but you didn’t. What happened?” I asked. “You see Bob; I don’t feel like doing anything once I am home from work. I feel extremely exhausted”, she said. She kept complaining that how the everyday routine has got all on her and there is dearth of time and enthusiasm both.

A free bird, confident soul that I knew once has transformed into a dull and quiet one now. The humdrum daily regime often instills lack of vigor. It was time for her to discern that she was putting everything else before herself. “Aaliyah till you want to bring back your healthy self, no one can help you. The more you feel upset the more you will get soaked in this repetitive boredom. Nothing changes one fine morning all of a sudden”, I said. It was not the lack of time but sheer ‘self-neglect’ that was preventing her from taking a strong call.

Elucidating on how she should love herself and put her health before everything, I also took an appointment for her from the General Physician to make sure she doesn’t cancel again. She reverted with a smile saying, “Oh Bob, I love you”.  She perceived that she was herself blocking her own road to lead a healthy life. She stood up to take part in the juggling program following which we devoured ice-cream scoops. You see that’s how we play a role in our beloved’s life. When they fail to understand what’s wrong we should make sure that things go right again.  Easter brings in new hope and potential. I asked her to make a fresh start all over again by taking self-care.

 The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”– C. JoyBell C. That should be the spirit! But we never realize the significance of self-care till we hit the dead end. Majority of us fail to invest time in ourselves and slowly pave the way for serious health related issues to creep in. What does it take to love ourselves? Now it’s high time to be on track. Bouncing back is the key to make everything fall into place. Go to the doctor, get the diagnosis, get cured and take out time for some exercise or yoga. In short it is time to live a healthy life.

 This Easter let us make sure that we take enough care and measures for our health and lead a great life.  

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