Embracing The New This Hug Week

I took some time off from work after I received a message from Ethan that read: “I like someone here in Seattle and she makes me happy. We both have feelings for each other but I am afraid to take it ahead after my last breakup. I don’t know what I should do!”

It’s not just Ethan but many of us are unable to move on from the past. Even if we move on, we don’t tend to forget the past experiences which keep on haunting us for some time. But, does that mean you stay stuck forever? No! Not at all! You need to overcome it! I immediately called him up.

“Hey, Ethan! I read your message and that makes me want to give you a virtual hug as Hug Week is here! We miss you here!” I expressed. “Thanks, Uncle Bob. Needed it right now! I miss you all too!” He replied.

“Now listen to me, you need to let go! Moving on from the past is important as it goes away after teaching the lesson. We should look at it only to prevent any such mistakes further. It is not here to haunt you forever or stop you from embracing new experiences. Rather it was there to make you better and wise for the next time!” I said.

“I know and I am trying but I somehow feel stuck!” He replied.

“That’s quite natural but you should remind yourself that your present is what matters. It’s what you think and do now is going to impact your future. If you decide to act on your feelings and give this a chance then you may be sowing the seeds of a beautiful love story!” I replied.

“What if something goes wrong this time as well?” He asked. “Then you can fix it or once again learn from it! That’s how we all grow in life and in relationships too!” I replied.

“You are right! I should let go of the past and let a new relationship blossom! Thank you, so much, Uncle Bob” He replied.

“That’s great and good luck!” I expressed. “Thank you!” He replied and then we hung up.

Releasing the past paves the way for new beginnings. Let go of every thought or memory that no longer serves you. This Hug Week, embrace the new!

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Bob is the Editor of the free weekly newsletter of world’s leading online greetings site, 123Greetings.com. He is a friend, philosopher and guide. He loves to observe people, cultures and life closely. Romantic at his heart he is an avid reader and traveler. He is popular as an encyclopedia of global events. He shares ways to make each day a celebration. He loves to share new perspectives on life’s seamless challenges. His newsletter is packed with ways and means to enhance the quality of your life and turn it into a celebration. He believes in affinity and works towards adding value to you and your relationships.

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